Hyundai Motor Group’s global content guidelines
& Ioniq 6’s product information page


UX design

UX writing



J.S. Jung (Senior PM)

J.Y. Kang (Senior PM)

Y.S. Ahn (Senior PM)


Visual designers


Hyundai Motor Group


Innocean Worldwide

Time frame

Jan ~ May 2022


Guidelines for user experiences of Hyundai Motor Group and their product page introducing IONIQ 6

For guidelines, I participated in making UX strategies, wrote UX writings, and adjusted guidelines to obey the W3C accessibility guide. For a product page, I strategized the page and managed the whole project by communicating with designers, clients, 3D videographers, and photographers.




Content Guideline


2468% ⬆︎

A surge of 2428% in unique visitors, reflecting enhanced user satisfaction and engagement.

After releasing the the user-friendly UX for version 2.0 of the 'Yes I Can Drive' mobile platform application, it increased 2428% in unique visitors, reflecting enhanced user satisfaction and engagement.


In the real world, there are numerous stakeholders to take into consideration.

When designing a digital service, it is crucial to consider the needs of multiple stakeholders, including not only the end users of the mobile application but also employees at driving schools. Through empathy and understanding of their daily challenges, we were able to redesign the mobile application to address their critical pain points.

UX design goes beyond just the user interface. It also includes the systems and processes that support it.

In this project, we recognized that a complicated and invisible reservation process negatively impacted the overall user experience. To improve the UX, we needed to improve not only the UI but also the entire process.

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