Hey, I'm Saeoul!

Empathy and curiosity about the needs of people drive me to be a UX designer. I enjoy working on UX because it enables me to solve complex problems in a creative way that benefits users. I find it fulfilling to design user experiences that are intuitive, engaging and user-friendly. It's always exciting to see the positive impact my work has on users.





full-time UX designer experience

user researcher experiences

years of professional experience

UX design internships

Previously worked for

✦ Hyundai Motor Group

✦ Line Works

Currently studying

MS Human-Computer Interaction / Design at Indiana University Bloomington

I'm currenlty working as a lead UI/UX designer at Vehicle Autonomy and Intelligence Lab, designing intuitive interaction for a self-driving car's dashboard, showcased in one of the world's first self-driving car race.

I'm actively looking for summer internships in Product / UX design.

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