Award Winning

Eye Catcher


UX/UI design
UX research


G.H. Kim (Interviewer)
S.W. Park (Marketer)



Time frame

Ver. 2 - 2022
Ver. 1 - 2017

An app that recognizes dog irises to identify missing dogs and uses AR maps to help bring dogs to their owners.


1. Notifying an owner without touching the dog

2. Various report options
3. Submitting an accurate report
4. Informing an owner immediately
5. Easy reporting process

Insights from user research

Dog iris recognition

A way to measure a dog's unique information without touching it.



It is difficult to identify a specific dog based on its appearance.

Dog ID tag

Unable to read the tag without touching the dog


A gold medal from ‘SK Creative Challenge – Augmented Human’

With this project, my team won the gold prize in the 'SK Creative Challenge – Augmented Human Contest.' We were the only winning team without an engineering background or master's degree. SK Corporation, the contest sponsor, proposed to patent this application. I led the entire project and participated in every aspect with two first-year students.


Losing a dog is a serious social problem in Korea since the number of lost dogs has increased by 50.4% over five years. Worse still, 26.5% of them were put to sleep.

User Research

We interviewed dog owners, people who found dogs, and shelter workers who all differed in how much they loved their dogs.

User Journey Map

UX design overcoming technical limitations

Wireframe sketches

Service blueprint

Functional specification documents


Anyone can help a dog in a way they like.

Eye Catcher





Won a gold medal in the
"SK Creative Challenge" contest.

Renowned for creative UX design to solve not only users’ pain points but also technical limitations, my team won a gold medal in the contest. We were the only winning team without an engineering background or master’s degree.


Verification is required after development to determine whether it is actually possible to photograph a dog's iris from a distance.

Various UX designs have been designed to improve the accuracy of long-distance shooting, but it is necessary to check whether it is actually possible. I'll find developers to create a demo version.

SK corporation proposed to patent the application.

SK Group is a prestigious corporation in Korea that deals with fields such as telecommunications and semiconductors. Gladly, we were the only team who received an offer.

How to help a lost dog on the street

Take a picture of a dog’s eyes on the AR guideline from a distance.

Three options to help a dog.
The AR guideline nudges reluctant finders to be close to a dog naturally and improves accuracy and search speed.

1. Bring the dog to a designated place
2. Report it to an owner by clicking a button
3. Call a rescue center

Easily take a dog to a designated place with an AR map

The AR map makes it easy to find directions in the alley while carrying a dog.

Receive a gift and a thank you message from the owner

It shows the dog's return process to the finder to make them feel a sense of accomplishment.

Shelter workers can contact the owner
directly and manage the current statuses of reported dogs

Workers can feel a sense of accomplishment by browsing pictures of dogs who went home safely.

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